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Welcome to the home of WheelMUD, we continue to be a project dedicated to the creation of a Windows based MUD server built using .net framework 4.0 and C#

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This is to serve as a notice to spammers... Spam will not be tolerated here. I know that you are now resorting to creating accounts to post crap. I will delete anything that even smells like spam, then I will nuke your account immediately. This is the only warning to spammers. Have a nice day!


Your invisible and friendly system administrator.

posted @ Friday, June 04, 2010 8:45 AM by host

Disabling new user registration

By admin   512 Views  1 Comments Article Rating

 I'm temporarily disabling new user registrations until I remove all the spammer accounts and the attacks go down. I have deleted over 400 accounts to date. Apparently, these people are getting paid to create new users. No idea why they are doing it here, since this is not a major website, or even well known. Anyways, I will put another announcement when I turn new user registration back on. If you want to really register this site, you can email me at fastalanasa@wheelmud.net


Your friendly and invisible system admin

Mushroom cloud raining on spammers

By admin   608 Views  0 Comments Article Rating

 I nuked 39 suspicious accounts just now. While you might think that this website is abandoned, I guarantee you it is not. I will happily keep nuking wanna be spammers. MUAHAHAHAHA! 


Your invisible and friendly system administrator.

Going to Live! 360 in Las Vegas!

By Fastalanasa   719 Views  0 Comments Article Rating

I will be in Las Vegas all next week for Live! 360.

I'll be attending with my dev group at work. If you will be at this conference, please look me up! I'm staying at the Planet Hollywood hotel.


Git mirror has a new (better) URL

By admin   937 Views  0 Comments Article Rating

 The import process from Subversion to Git used a weird URL. I just figured out how to make it a more readable one. Here's the new (better) URL:



Your invisible and friendly system administrator

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